Snowplow collector 2.6.0 released

Fixes and improvements release w/ breaking metrics changes. Includes support for X-Forwarded-Proto header, AWS MSK IAM auth support, metrics changes and docker image upgrades.

X-Forwarded-Proto & https redirects

Previously http wasn’t using X-Forwarded-Proto for https upgrades. Now the flag will be used to upgrade/redirect requests.

Monitoring and metrics

Previously collector exposed a set of HTTP metrics using Prometheus protocol. As we migrate our estate to use statsD for faster and more lightweight monitoring solution, this version includes optional config to expose these. We’ve also removed Prometheus entirely.
To enable the statsD reporting, set following config settings in your hocon config file:

collector.monitoring.metrics.statsd {
    enabled = false
     # StatsD metric reporting protocol configuration
     hostname = localhost
     port = 8125
     # Required, how frequently to report metrics
     period = "10 seconds"
     # Optional, override the default metric prefix
     # "prefix": "snowplow.collector"

If you’ve previously used prometheus its configuration needs to be removed.

Upgrading to 2.6.0

If you are already using a 2.5.x version then you can start using the new docker images by removing prometheus configuration and updating image versions:

docker pull snowplow/scala-stream-collector-kinesis:2.6.0
docker pull snowplow/scala-stream-collector-pubsub:2.6.0
docker pull snowplow/scala-stream-collector-kafka:2.6.0

Our docs site has instructions on setting up the collector and a full list of all configuration options