Snowplow Collector 2.6.1 released

We have released version 2.6.1 of the Snowplow collector

This patch release bumps several dependency libraries to their latest versions, to stay on top of potential security vulnerabilities. Being a webserver, the collector is the part of a Snowplow pipeline that is most accessible to any attempted attack, so it is particularly important to address vulnerabilities when we they arise.

Upgrading to 2.6.1

If you are already using a recent version of the collector, then upgrading is as simple pulling the most recent docker image

docker pull snowplow/scala-stream-collector-kinesis:2.6.1
docker pull snowplow/scala-stream-collector-pubsub:2.6.1
docker pull snowplow/scala-stream-collector-kafka:2.6.1

The Snowplow docs site has a full guide to setting up and running the collector.