Stream Collector 2.4.1 released

Stream Collector 2.4.1 released

We set defaults for the vast majority of configuration parameters, simplifying the initial deployment effect. Check out the new minimal configs, for example, kinesis or pubsub.

We now are publishing the docker images for arm64 and amd64. And our base docker image has been changed from base-debian to adoptopenjdk:11-jre-hotspot-focal.

We upgraded some dependencies, fixing a few underlying bugs that occasionally cause production problems.

Upgrading from 2.3.0

With the bump of akka-http version, SSL settings have been moved from the config file to the JVM system properties, check the SSL section of the docs


To better understand how our apps are used, we have introduced some basic telemetry with this release. This change will help us answer some key questions that we don’t currently have visibility of, such as - how popular is stream-collector-kinesis compared to stream-collector-pubsub? How much usage is the new version of the application seeing?

You can find the context which we send with each heartbeat event here.

You can help us out further by providing a unique userProvidedId across any Snowplow application that you are using - this will help us to better understand which apps are being used in conjunction with one another.

telemetry {
    userProvidedId = myUniqueId

The value can be set to anything, but providing your e-mail address will also mean that you will also receive Engineering updates.

If you wish to disable the telemetry entirely then you can add the following to your configuration file:

telemetry {
    disable = true

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