Snowplow-utils 0.13.1 dbt package released

We are happy to announce the release of the snowplow-utils v.0.13.1 dbt package.

This release introduces a new cross-db macro - get_array_to_string - to harmonise array to string transformations, as well as adds more features / optimisations to some of the existing macros. There are some automations and simplifications made under the hood for easier maintenance and clarity.


Get string agg optimisations (Close #101)
Add get_array_to_string macro
Fix unnest macro for Postgres and snowflake (Close #105)
Add delimiter parameter to get_split_to_array (Close #106)
Tidy macro inheritance
Add warning for no data returned for model limits
Document macros in yaml, add new macro, prepare to deprecate
Add action for generating docs for pages