Snowplow React Native Tracker 1.2.0 released

We are pleased to announce the release of our React Native Tracker version 1.2.0.

This release adds support for React Native for tvOS. It also upgrades the minimum supported React Native version to 0.65 in order to avoid version conflicts with the OkHttp library. Finally, it adds a generic type for the data attribute in the SelfDescribing event – a community contribution thanks to @henbrand.


  • Add support for React Native for tvOS (#154)

Under the hood

  • Bump min RN version supported to v0.65+ (#153)
  • Add generic type for SelfDescribing event data (#156)

Documentation: React Native Tracker - Snowplow Docs
On GitHub: Release Version 1.2.0 · snowplow/snowplow-react-native-tracker · GitHub
On npm: GitHub - snowplow/snowplow-react-native-tracker: Snowplow event tracker for react-native apps