Snowplow React Native Tracker 1.0.0 released

We are very happy to announce the release of Snowplow React Native Tracker version 1.0.0!

This first v1 release of the React Native Tracker mainly upgraded the underlying iOS and Android Trackers to v2 and so inherits their enhanced tracking features and reliability.

More specifically, it introduces:

  1. The ability to run multiple trackers in the same app.
  2. A new API to configure the tracker, mirroring as close as possible the Mobile Native ones, in order to provide the same default behavior and automatic tracking features.
  3. Asynchronous track methods for all the common out-of-the-box mobile events. Compared to v0, users can now also track ecommerce-transaction events, timing events, consent-granted and consent-withdrawn events.
  4. More tracker methods to set subject information at runtime, as the user journey evolves.
  5. Tracker methods to add or remove static global contexts at runtime.
  6. Ability to get session data through callbacks from the tracker.
  7. And finally the ability to remove a tracker (or all trackers) at runtime, if desirable.

Similarly to Mobile Trackers v2, the React Native Tracker v1 can now be configured with a set of configuration objects, using the createTracker function. You can find out more about the available configuration options and their default values in the Introduction section of the Docs.

The default tracker configuration includes sensible defaults, so, as also described in the Docs’ Quick start guide, a user can simply:

import { createTracker } from '@snowplow/react-native-tracker';

const tracker = createTracker(
    'sp1',                          // the tracker namespace
    { endpoint: 'collector-url' }   // the NetworkConfiguration

…and start tracking events.

If you have already instrumented one of the previous 0.x versions, you can also check the Migration Guide.

This release also introduces an amended v_tracker field. In your warehouse, you can now distinguish events tracked by the React Native Tracker, which will have an rn-x.x.x postfix added next to the underlying native tracker version, for example: andr-2.2.0 rn-1.0.0 or ios-2.2.1 rn-1.0.0.

Finally, under the hood, this release now publishes the sourcemaps and not the precompiled source, fixes the version in the podspec and also adds automated end-to-end test workflows using Snowplow Micro and Detox.

Documentation: React Native Tracker - Snowplow Docs
On GitHub: Release Snowplow React Native Tracker v1.0.0 · snowplow-incubator/snowplow-react-native-tracker · GitHub
On npm: @snowplow/react-native-tracker - npm