Snowplow React Native Tracker 0.2.0 released

We are pleased to announce the release of Snowplow React Native Tracker version 0.2.0!

This release ported the React Native Tracker to TypeScript in order to provide accurate types and make it easier to integrate with React Native apps written in TS.

It also includes the handling of asynchronous issues internally, so that users do not need to await the tracker initialization.

This release introduces an API change: The tracker is created using the createTracker function, which now takes as first argument the tracker namespace besides the tracker configuration:

import { createTracker } from '@snowplow/react-native-tracker';

const tracker = createTracker('my-namespace', {
  endpoint: '',
  appId: 'my-app-id'

tracker.trackScreenViewEvent({screenName: 'myScreenName'});

For more details and examples you can check in the docs.

On GitHub: Release Snowplow React Native Tracker v0.2.0 ยท snowplow-incubator/snowplow-react-native-tracker ยท GitHub
On npm: @snowplow/react-native-tracker - npm