Snowplow Open Source on Azure


Is it possible to set up snowplow open source on Azure platform?

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Hey @siv

We have had success running the components on Azure using Kafka (either with Kafka or Event Hubs via the Kafka interface). However currently there is no way to load the data anywhere after enrichment on Azure as our Loader tech hasn’t been ported there.

Full Azure support is on our roadmap, and you’ll see things like this which are experiments for broader cloud support, I have no concrete ETA on full pipeline support, the only thing I can offer is the evidence above that we’re starting to think about it.

I imagine when support does land, destinations such as Databricks will be popular, but we’d be interested to know about other Azure destinations you use and would like to see support for.


Hello @siv - to @PaulBoocock point - we are looking at what “supporting Azure” might mean to the community. Anyone can comment …
Some of the open questions we have are:
Are you doing just data-only or all components in Azure?
What Azure services will your organizations using with Snowplow in Azure?
Where would the data be stored (snowflake, databricks, page blob, Synapse, MS SQL)?
Is your organization looking to use Azure private pricing/credits?
What are the use cases, such as using data science tooling/notebooks?

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Hi @PaulBoocock
Great news. Hope it will work very soon. Azure cloud is a hard requirement for us.

Hello - curious to know why this is a hard requirement for your organization. Are there more details you can provide? I am asking as the better our team understands the opportunity and impact, the easier it is to help justify and accelerate items on our roadmap. Thanks in advance for any details you share!

@Justin_Nordeste Thank you for your reply.
We will use collected data from snowplow with our first party data and other data.
Our data is processed in azure cloud and use azure technologies.
Data must be in the same place to get the best result.
You have an idea for this problem ?
Thank you

@Justin_Nordeste I’m consulting small and medium companies - often in the machine construction industry. Most of them are really hooked on Azure. They “trust” Microsoft in a sense that they pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to them for O365 - and therefore Microsoft already has their data. Using Azure for other data services is a low hurdle. Introducing new Clouds however is a huuuuge step. This reasoning is not purely technical, as we all know, that AWS and GCP provide similar levels of security, trust and technical capabilities.

But due to the fact that there is a certain trust in this specific industry towards Microsoft, having Snowplow supporting Azure would be a huge door-opener.

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