Databricks open source teraform module?

Is there a plan to build an open source teraform module for databricks?

Ideally a quick start module would be amazing, we’d like to get into it but the documentation is challenging to understand.

We have setup snowplow open source on GCP. We have databricks hosted on Azure because it contains a bunch of data for our Salesforce implementation.

We would like to use snowplow with Hightouch for segmentation and are keen to get it working.

Jason Fonseca

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Hi @Jasonf, sorry for the delay, but I have some good news :slight_smile: Databricks quick start is in the works. We’ll begin with AWS though, but GCS might be coming in a few weeks as well. (Note that until now we didn’t officially support sending data from GCP to Databricks, but that’s another thing that’s going to be announced soon. Stay tuned!)