Snowplow-media-player 0.1.0 dbt package released

We are very excited to announce the release of the snowplow-media-player v0.1.0 dbt package. This package is built as an extension of the dbt-snowplow-web package with the goal of transforming raw media player event data into derived tables for easier querying generated by the Snowplow JavaScript tracker in combination with media tracking specific plugins such as the Media Tracking plugin or the YouTube Tracking plugin.

This package only supports Redshift and Postgres. BigQuery and Snowflake support will follow in later releases.

What the package brings

  • Transforms and aggregates raw media player event data into a set of derived tables: media_stats, plays_by_pageview and a base table which also includes impressions.
  • Processes all media player events incrementally.
  • Is designed to allow you to easily integrate your own custom SQL into the incremental framework provided by the web package.
    • The interactions_this_run table could serve as a base for more in-depth analysis or custom models.
    • Models are provided on users and sessions for custom model use.
  • A comprehensive data dictionary.

More information

Checkout the snowplow-media-player package docs for a quickstart guide as well as an explanation of operating and configuring the package.