Snowplow-media-player 0.3.3 dbt package released

We are very happy to announce the release of the snowplow-media-player v0.3.3 dbt package. This is a patch release that fixes a couple of bugs of varying level of importance, as well as shifts some macros over to the snowplow-utils package for ease of use across multiple packages.


  • Remove deduplication for Databricks for get_string_agg macro #23
  • Move macros to snowplow_utils #24
  • Change incremental logic for media_stats #26
  • Handle exception when duration equals zero #27

Important : #26 will not take care of the issue for existing users. Due to the potential data loss resulting from the previous incremental updates it is advisable to do a full refresh of the snowplow_media_player_media_stats model. Simply run the following to handle this:

dbt run --select snowplow_media_player_media_stats --full-refresh