Snowplow dbt Media Player 0.8.0 released

We are pleased to announce the 0.8.0 release of the Snowplow media player dbt package!

This release adds support for video playback across multiple pages/screens (e.g., while in picture-in-picture mode).
It also fixes the calculation of impressions in the stats table to use distinct plays instead of page views. This allows for multiple videos on the same page.


  • Add support for picture-in-picture playback of videos across multiple pages/screens (#70)


  • Fix counting impressions based using distinct play_id instead of page_view_id (#72)

Under the hood

  • Run tests on Redshift in CI (#74)

:rotating_light: Breaking Changes :rotating_light:

This version requires a full refresh run if you have been using any previous versions. Otherwise the calculation of the impressions and play_rate columns in the media stats table will be inconsistent with historical data. Check out the migration guide for more information when you upgrade.