Snowplow-fractribution 0.2.0 dbt package released - with Databricks and BigQuery support!

We are very happy to announce the release of snowplow-fractribution v0.2.0 which can be used to perform Attribution Modelling on your Snowplow data.


This release adds support for Databricks and BigQuery. From now users are allowed to filter unwanted channels as well. Under the hood we added an integration testing suite and some automations with Github actions.


Add support for Databricks and BigQuery
Add release and pages actions (#5)
Allow user to filter unwanted channels (#3)
Add versioning for Docker

:rotating_light: Breaking Changes :rotating_light:

Variable names have changed (prefaced with snowplow__), please align the new ones found in the dbt_project.yml file and the ones defined in your own project’s yml file that you used to overwrite the default values. Please note that

snowplow__path_transforms variable is a dictionary instead of an array and that the path transform names have also changed (e.g: Exposure β†’ exposure_path).

The scripts inside the utils folder also changed which need to be replaced. In case you used Docker, you can either pull the latest image: docker pull snowplow/fractribution:latest or the version number in line with the package: docker pull snowplow/fractribution:0.2.0.

Due to dependencies please be aware that the package requires dbt-core@1.3 as a minimum.

For further details and breakdown of the package, head over to our Docs site.


To upgrade bump the snowplow-fractribution version in your packages.yml file as well as make the necessary changes highlighted in the Breaking Changes section.