Snowplow-fractribution 0.1.0 dbt package released

We are very happy to announce the release of a new dbt package, Snowplow Fractribution v0.1.0! This package will let you run fractional attribution analysis against your data. It is one of the newest attribution methods in marketing, which allows you to attribute the value of a conversion to one or more channels depending on the conversion pathway.

A huge thanks to Zoe and Mike from Poplin Data for being the main contributors behind the package!

The package currently only supports Snowflake.

If you have any feedback or requests please let us know either via discourse or on the github repo.


Hi Agnes, will snowplow-fractribution 0.2.0 rely on snowplow-utils >=0.13.0? We are running into a dbt-utils version conflict because snowplow-utils <0.13.0 caps dbt-utils at v0.10.0.

Hi Athena, Welcome to our Discourse community! Thank you for reaching out on this here as well! I have replied to you on dbt slack but wanted to do the same here for transparency. Yes, the new Fractribution package (0.2.0) will support the latest snowplow-utils package (in PR already, aimed to be released in a couple of days max) which will resolve the dependency issue.