Snowplow Error - Google Tag Manager

For the installation of Snowplow on Google Tag Manager we added the variable present in the Google Tag Manager Gallery.

Unfortunately this variable has a bug and you cannot save it.
Here a screen recording of the problem

We tried to change browsers and change Google Tag Manager workspaces but the problem remains.

Have you had any other issue of this type?

Hi Riccardo. That’s a really odd bug to see, especially when you change browsers too. Are you able to create any other custom variables inside the container?

Hi Riccardo,
If there no value in the “Library version” box (in JavaScript Tracker section), tag does not let you save.
Unfortunately it does not expand “automatically” to highlight missing value, when you try to Save, but if to expand manually - if has the warning note.


Hello @Martynas_Sirius,
thanks for your help!

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