Snowplow deployment on Kubernetes tutorial

Hi Snowplowers,

Our team is trying to deploy the Snowplow pipeline on Google Kubernetes Engine. But I didn’t find much information about how to deploy it on k8s. Most of what I could find online is about using Google Compute Engine to establish instance groups instead of GKE. I am wondering whether there is any tutorial or blog that I could follow about the Snowplow deployment on GKE? Thanks!

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Hey @phxtorise !

There is not much we have published for OS users yet here - generally speaking the logic for the Compute Engine modules can be in large parts ported to K8s as they are all using Docker Containers already as part of the bootstrap scripts. You would need to move the config files to a K8s config map and link in any secrets using similar strategies (such as loading in a custom service account to the Pod instead of using the GKE node service account).

We do have on our long term roadmap to publish OS Helm charts for the community as a complement to the existing setup modules so that you can get started quickly on systems like GKE but I can’t give you a timeline on when those will be ready for use.