Snowplow custom schema violation error

Hi, I have define custom schema url in resolver.json in my enrichment which i have hosted in aws s3 bucket and set the access level to public.

I am sharing below the screenshot of my resolver.json file

When i hit my page view custom schema through the tag i got the below error.

Could you @BenB help me with this issue asap.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Rishabh_Verma, I’m not an expert on iglu but I think your uri in the your custom server should the url before the /schemas/... part as it will look for any schema in there, not just that one you have listed. Can you try cutting the uri to before /schemas and let me know if that works?

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It also might be worth setting up Snowplow Micro if you haven’t already, so you can test these things without needing to send events through your full pipeline What is Snowplow Micro? | Snowplow Documentation