Schema Violation - Repo Failure

Hi Snowplowers,
There is one specific custom schema in our pipeline keeps returning errors:

“error”: {“error”: “ResolutionError”, “lookupHistory”: [{“repository”: “Iglu Central”, “errors”: [{“error”: “RepoFailure”, “message”: “Unexpected exception fetching: org.http4s.client.UnexpectedStatus: unexpected HTTP status: 404 Not Found”}],

The only thing happened to this schema was an upgrade we did a few month ago from 1-0-0 to 1-0-1
Is there anything we can check to resolve this?

The error message does not give some enough debugging info.
Thank you

Hi @kuangmichael07,

Can you confirm that you can fetch the schema with curl? Also I find it suspicious that you have only Iglu Central mentioned in the error, while Iglu Central is owned by Snowplow.

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Thank you for the reply.
Yes. And what’s funny thing is, today we received 120 of this event successfully, and 34 failure errors.
Which means about 25% of this event we saw this issue.
Could it be something wrong with the setting of GCS?(We deployed snowplow in GCP)

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Is that the full error that you’ve posted? As @anton has mentioned we’d expect to see other Iglu repository failures after Iglu Central (assuming there are multiple in your resolver.json). If you are running your own Iglu Server that enrich is trying to fetch the schema from this is likely to be the problem.

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