Snowplow : Custom Schema violation error and getting data in bad

Hi, I have create a custom schema and after validating through lint, I push it on Amazon S3 bucket and set the access level to public after that I listed it on resolver.json file.

But I am getting custom schema violation error :frowning:

Anyone please help me with this issue.

Thanks in Advance

Hey @PawanK can you please share your Iglu Resolver JSON file as well as an example bad row and any other relevant details from the deployment (like a sample input payload and the versions of Collector + Enrich that you are using).

Hi @josh

Please find below the screenshot of my resolver.json file.

When I request page view custom schema through the below tag,

    context: [{
        schema: 'iglu:com.layerfive/page_view_custom/jsonschema/1-0-0',
        data: dataObject

Where dataObject is object which containing details of data which I have described in Custom Schema.

But I got the below error in bad-enrichment :

Hi @PawanK, the issue lies within your resolver.json config. The uri shouldn’t point to a specific schema, simply the root folder (everything before /schemas/).

In your case, you should change uri to: