Snowboard: A Visual Studio Code extension for Snowplow

We’re happy to announce that we’ve released the first version of the unofficial Snowplow Visual Studio Code extension, Snowboard.

This extension is designed to make it easier than ever to work with Snowplow alongside your code, directly in the editor.

Currently in the first release this features:

Schema management

  • Showing schemas in the workspace, Iglu Central and the Snowplow BDP Data Structures
  • Fetching remote schemas
  • Drag and drop code generation from schema references


  • New simple palette commands for creating new schemas (new schemas and schema versions)

  • JSON schema language awareness for Snowplow JSON schemas

  • Generate fake data from a given Snowplow schema



Don’t remember the exact code to track an event or set up a collector?

The extension features more than 100 different snippets across 20 trackers as well as keyboard shortcuts for quickly composing JSON schemas with out all the hassle of typing out types from scratch.



You can install the extension from the link here: snowboard - Visual Studio Marketplace

Or directly from VS code by pressing Ctrl+P (Command Palette shortcut) and ext install PoplinData.snowboard to install.


As this is only the first release we have a long list of items on our roadmap that we’re working on. We’re always open to feedback or bugs that can be submitted at the Github repository here: GitHub - poplindata/snowboard: Poplin VS code Snowplow extension


Very cool. Looking forward to giving this a spin!