Poplin Data has joined Snowplow!

The big news today from Snowplow is that Poplin Data, from Sydney Australia, has joined the Snowplow family. Poplin Data has been Snowplow’s exclusive integration and enablement partner in Australia and New Zealand for the past six years.

As many of you will be aware, one of our leading contributors here is Poplin Data co-founder, Mike Robins - @mike - who is tireless in helping Snowplow users be successful. Furthermore, Mike and the Poplin team have also released a number of killer contributions - the Snowplow Inspector & more recently the Visual Studio Code Extension for Snowplow are just two (alongside numerous bug fixes, GitHub PRs, etc, etc). Finally, the Poplin Data team has also hosted and spoken at a number of Sydney Snowplow meetups and other events.

So, welcome aboard Poplin Data! We’re so lucky to have you joining us on the Snowplow journey.


Thanks Eddie!

We’re really excited to be joining the Snowplow team and continuing to work on even more tooling to support the ecosystem.