What is Try Snowplow & how do I get started with it?

We’re pleased to announce the general availability of Try Snowplow.

What is Try Snowplow?

Try Snowplow enables you to explore how Snowplow can help you solve your data use cases by:

  • Collecting granular, well-structured data from your digital products and model, analyse and visualize it in your BI tool of choice.
  • Exploring the recipe library to see how Snowplow approaches common data use cases such as marketing attribution, content recommendations or building a single customer view.

How does Try Snowplow compare to Snowplow Insights / Snowplow Open Source?

Try Snowplow is a minified version of the Snowplow technology that uses the same core components, but is:

  • Fast (setup in less than 15 minutes)
  • Cheaper (minimal infrastructure)
  • Non-scalable (unsuitable for production workloads)

For a full breakdown of the differences, see the documentation.