Redshift tables mapping

Below is the mapping between Redshift tables and the events/contexts/enrichments/releases associated with them. Snowplow users might find it handy when considering adding/enabling the relevant features.

Table: Redshift tables mapping

Redshift Table Event / Context / Comment Tracker / Enrichment / Release
ad_click_1 trackAdClick Javascript tracker 2.0
ad_conversion_1 trackAdConversion Javascript tracker 2.0
ad_impression_1 trackAdImpression Javascript tracker 2.0
link_click_1 enableLinkClickTracking Javascript tracker 2.0
add_to_cart_1 trackAddToCart Javascript tracker 2.1
remove_from_cart_1 trackRemoveFromCart Javascript tracker 2.1
change_form_1 enableFormTracking Javascript tracker 2.1
submit_form_1 enableFormTracking Javascript tracker 2.1
site_search_1 trackSiteSearch Javascript tracker 2.1
social_interaction_1 trackSocialInteraction Javascript tracker 2.1
desktop_context_1 when run on Mac OS X Objective-C (iOS) Tracker 0.3.0
geolocation_context_1 contexts: { 'geolocation': true } / geolocation context (mobile) Javascript tracker 2.3, Android tracker 0.1, iOS tracker 0.6
client_session_1 session context (mobile) Android tracker 0.5, iOS tracker 0.5
application_background_1 “Lifecycle event tracking” Android tracker 0.6
application_error_1 “Uncaught exception tracking” Android tracker 0.6
application_foreground_1 “Lifecycle event tracking” Android tracker 0.6
mobile_context_1 mobile context Android tracker 0.1, iOS tracker 0.1
screen_view_1 screen view (mobile trackers) Android tracker 0.1, iOS tracker 0.1, .NET tracker 0.1, ActionScript3 tracker 0.1
screen_view_1 automatic screen view (mobile trackers) Android tracker 1.1, iOS tracker 1.1
screen_1 automatic screen context (mobile trackers) Android tracker 1.1, iOS tracker 1.1
performance_timing_1 contexts: { 'performanceTiming': true } Javascript tracker 2.3
timing_1 trackTiming Javascript tracker 2.4
flash_context_1 ActionScript3 tracker 0.1
uri_redirect_1 URI redirect via Clojure collectors’ /r/tp2 Snowplow R72
duplicate_1 In-batch synthetic deduplication from R86 Snowplow R86
web_page_1 contexts: { 'webPage': true } JavaScript tracker 2.5
optimizely_summary_1 contexts: { 'optimizelySummary': true } JavaScript tracker 2.7
ua_parser_context_1 ua parser enrichment
http_cookie_1 Cookie extractor enrichment
org_ietf_http_header_1 HTTP header extractor enrichment
weather_1 Weather enrichment
com_apple_notification_event_1 trackPushNotificationEvent iOS tracker 0.8