Custom Contexts / Redshift hints

Hi all,
I would ask some clarification about custom contexts and batch procedure.
I succesfully implemented the canonical event model but i would extend my js tracker in order to pass some custom variables to the clojure collector. I would avoid to set up an iglu repository since the data I need are few and simple.

I modified my tracker following this guide:

<script type="text/javascript" async = 1 > ;
         n.src=w;g.parentNode.insertBefore(n,g)}}(window, document, "script", "//", "trackerProd"));
     window.trackerProd("newTracker", "cf", "", {
        appId: "TEST-0000001"
     window.trackerProd('trackPageView', null, [{
        schema: "",
        data: {
            var1: "info_test",
            var2: "model_test",    
            is_user_logged: true,
            logged_user_id: 1234

Running out of ideas I added a “context” column to my Redshift fat table but after my job executions I can’t find anything in my db. (probably bad events generated)

After some days I tried to follow this guide but also there is not clear where my data will land and which format I should expect. If I may move some critics to official guides, I find them very confusing about this section. After a couple of weeks I can’t understand which implementation could fit my needs yet. Furthermore I can’t understand how a correctly defined custom context will be stored in a Redshift cluster.

What do you think about? Requiring simple key-value variables to record, which implementation would you suggest?