Tracking Custom Variables/Custom Contexts to log file--please help :)


I am going to lay out our whole project to give proper scope. We went through the Snowplow steps. We are using a 1x1 cloudfront tracking pixels. We have the S3 bucket set up. We are using a JavaScript tracker code from Snowplow. We were able to collect standard information in .gz log files such ip address, page title, link clicks and the such to a log file S3 bucket. However we now want to collect custom variables or custom contexts.

for instance in the code below

     window.snowplow('trackPageView', 'My Title', [ // Auto-set page title; add page context
                schema: "iglu:com.example_company/user/jsonschema/2-0-0",
                data: {
                  userType: 'super_tester'

How can we pass a number of different values in the data array for a page to our log file?

We are using a JavaScript tracker. We have read a great deal about these self-describing schemas. We tried linking to a schema file in a separate public S3 bucket in the code example above. We are not using a Scala Iglu client since we are using the JavaScript tracker and prefer not to mess with Java.

So essentially here are our main questions to focus on the deliverables.

  1. How can we pass custom contexts, key value pairs to our log files for the snowplow JavaScript tracker with a Page View event?
  2. For the tracker portion; does the schema uri/namespace matter or is this mainly used for the enrich process?
  3. Can we have a real-world example of this working with an S3 bucket and JavaScript tracker; the examples from the snowplow wiki are not working for us.

Any help on this will be greatly appreciated and we will be in your debt.

thank you,


Hi David,

@anton has provided some detail about similar questions in a thread here recently which may provide some clarification for your questions (with examples).