reCAPTCHA plugin

Hello all, I´m considering installing the reCAPTCHA plugin. Still, the stakeholders asked me if the reCAPTCHA would slow the client interface or damage the user experience or any other downsides that you may think of or I should consider.

Thank you

For Recaptcha v3 this happens in the background - so this is unlikely to impact performance but it may vary depend on when and how you are calling the verification. In the plugin you don’t need to call this for every event e.g., you could just do the first even in a session so this is less likely to cause any latency from either a UI or pipeline perspective.

Do you know if the Recaptch V3 plugin is GDPR compiant? Is it a problem to use it in europe? I read the problem with the recaptcha v3 is the google fonts that it uses, but as we will run it in the backend, is it still a problem?