React Native SessionContext is not populating session

I have intergrated snowplow and see event’s going through but session id is not created although
SessionContext is set to true.

This is the initialization code:

createTracker(RN_${Config.SNOWPLOW_APPID}, {
endpoint: Config.SNOWPLOW_ENDPOINT,
appId: ${Config.SNOWPLOW_APPID}_${Platform.OS},
screenContext: true,
sessionContext: true,

@snowplow/react-native-tracker": "^0.2.0
react-native: 0.63.4

Hi @Lori_Azerrad,

If by session id you’re referring to domain_sessionid, then this is the correct behaviour - that field is specific to web and shouldn’t be populated for mobile events.

Instead, setting sessionContext: true for the react-native tracker will attach the client session context to events, which contains the session ID for mobile.

You will find this in the com_snowplowanalytics_client_session_1 field/column in Kibana/Snowflake, the atomic.com_snowplowanalytics_client_session_1 table in Redshift, or the com_snowplowanalytics_client_session_1_0_1 column in BigQuery.

Hope that helps.

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