Problem to use php tracker with Symfony 6

I’m performing some POCs in order to have SnowPlow running.

But no success to receive the events on postgre

Hi @ggasque ,

I think there is a problem in the way you initialize the SyncEmitter instance:

  • you pass it the URL including the protocol (https://) but it is expecting only the hostname
  • you pass http as the protocol but based on the URL, it should be https

So I would suggest trying this out instead:

$emitter = new SyncEmitter("", "https", "POST", 1, true) ;

Thanks, I’ll try

I changed, but the problem is still occurring

@ggasque Please also change the URL of the collector not to include the https:// protocol but only the hostname. So it should be exactly:

$emitter = new SyncEmitter("", "https", "POST", 1, true);

It worked, thanks!!!