Does Snowplow support HTTPS? Should data only be sent via HTTPS?


We’re updating our Snowplow integration and wondering if Snowplow supports HTTPS. Essentially customers provide us with an endpoint URL to which we send data adhering to our schema.
Should we always default to HTTPS or does it depend on the collector?

Any guidance here is appreciated.


The Snowplow collector does support HTTPS and I’d thoroughly recommend using HTTPS unless there is a particularly convincing reason not to.

Configuring this differs slightly from tracker to tracker but for example in the Javascript tracker it’s possible to do so by ensuring that the forceSecureTracker parameter is set to true when initialising the tracker.

Hi Mike,

We’re actually not using a tracker. We’re sending data directly to a collector like cloudfront (basically doing a GET request with all the parameters). Does what you say above still apply?

Are there any other parameters or headers we should setting?


Cloudfront supports HTTPS so you shouldn’t run into any issues there. Could I ask why you’re constructing the GET request manually? Does the language/framework you are using not have a Snowplow tracker?

We’re working in the C# / .NET stack. At the time that we wrote our Snowplow integration, I believe your dot net tracker did not exist so we had to essentially replicate the behavior from another source.