POST request to Clojure collector from JS tracker is timed out

I have set up the javascript tracker successfully but when I am testing it, the POST request is timed out as it can be seen here
Can anyone please help me out what can be possible issue

Hi, can you please tell how are making the post call…from where… how are you sending the request… also is there anything you have configured in collector part to accept post request

Hey Girish. Thank you for your response

I am making a call to the elastic beanstalk application ( Clojure collector ) via Route53 and setting SSL certificate with it.

There were some issues in SSL certificate setup. I set them up properly but now facing 408 Request timeout issue. Screeshot

Can you please guide me on how to resolve it.

Thank you
Arsalan Mehmood

@arsalan90029002, you still seem to have the problem with the SSL certificate. You collector is not available via HTTPS. Does it work via HTTP?

Hey ihor, Thanks for your response.

Kindly have a look at the SSL certificate configuration.
and please point out if something is wrong in SSL certificate configuration.

Thank you
Arsalan Mehmood

You’ll need to terminate SSL on port 80 on the instance so change ‘Instance port’ to 80 and ‘Instance protocol’ to HTTP.

Hey Mike, Thank you for your response.

I have terminated SSL on port 80 and also changed the instance port to 80 and instance protocol to HTTP like this.

But still getting the same issue.

Can you please guide me further about it.