Payment Gateways and Session counts

Hi all,

How does Snowplow deal with payment gateways on different domains? (Paypal, Sagepay, Worldpay etc.)

Obviously all the ‘refr_’ fields will include those domains, but will they affect session counts? From my understanding they should not, as the domain_userid will remain the same, and as the Snowplow session counter is only counted up after 30 mins of inactivity (thus incrementing the domain_sessionidx and creating a new domain_sessionid) and are not affected by change in acquisition source (like Google Analytics is).

If someone at the Snowplow team could confirm that would be fantastic.

Secondly, how do date modellers tend to handle these payment gateways when modelling session level or user journey data? Are there any tips or examples of how to handle this kind of referrer?

All help always appreciated.