No UI after installation?

Okay, complete rookie question here :slight_smile:

I’ve installed Snowplow Opensource in GCP by following this guide: Quick Start Installation Guide on GCP - Snowplow Docs

I’ve successfully tracked a couple of events, and I can query them using the Postgresql client, so it’s definitely up and running.

My question is: Is there any sort of user interface where I can manage anything or view/analyze the data? I’ve seen a Snowplow Console mentioned in some tutorials. Is that part of this installation?

Hi @Henrik_Jensen, there is no UI with Snowplow Open Source. The Snowplow BDP Console is a paid feature. If you’re interested to see what it looks like, it’s partially accessible as part of the Try Snowplow free trial. You can also get an idea about some of it’s functionality from documentation, for example how to manage data structures in the console.

Excellent, thanks :+1: