New emerging sessions

We encounter a weird behavior with our SP tracking.
So the user goes in a regular session, entering the funnel, halfway through it starts another session with a new session_id, which mess up our analytics as we have a lot of sessions like those which doesn’t have the proper referral source.
Any ideas?

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Which version of tracker do you use? How do you set SP cookies? Is funnel on a different domain or sub-domain?

the tracker version is 2.9.0
for SP cookies, the following :

window.snowplow(‘newTracker’, window.config.snowplowTrackerNamespace, window.config.snowplowUrl, {
appId: this.isApp() ? window.config.snowplowApplicationAppId : window.config.snowplowLandingAppId,
cookieDomain: window.config.snowplowCookieDomain,
sessionCookieTimeout: this.sessionTimeout,
discoverRootDomain: true,
userFingerprint: true,
stateStorageStrategy: ‘cookie’,
contexts: {
webPage: true,
performanceTiming: true,

What’s your session timeout value? Is there the chance that the session is expiring due to timeout when a user moves through the funnel?

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I checked various sessions, and the sessions timeout value is not a factor of this behaviour, i have plenty of time intervals for sessions

Just to clarify you only see session reset right? (not domain user id)
Is your funnel or part of it on a subdomain?

Generally it is odd to use both discoverRootDomain and cookieDomain - I believe you should use one of them only.

I would check the value of window.config.snowplowCookieDomain changes in the funnel at some point. Also I would check if session cookie (the one that just have * as value) to see if it gets reset/deleted by something else once in the funnel. Could be some security script that has to whitelist cookies.