Linking Salesforce and Snowplow Users

Hi ya,
I’ve got Snowplow running and I can link my site’s custom user_id with either domain_userid or network_userid. However, there is a piece in between I need to track that happens in Salesforce.

On our marketing page, we have a form which collects some user details for inbound leads and sends that data to Salesforce Pardot. Eventually, they create an account but in the meantime we need to link up those users. Anyone have any experience with this?


Hy @pcb , you could wrap your Salesforce-bound data into a custom event and send it to your Snowplow pipeline.

You’ll need to:

  • write your custom schema to capture the custom event and all the associated data
  • at the point when the data is being sent to Salesforce, fire a Snowplow event with:
snowplow('trackSelfDescribingEvent', {{salesforce_custom_event_json}});

This event will have the user’s domain_userid, network_userid and user_id as well as any associated data that they entered into the form.

Hi @pcb,

I believe we actually use pardot internally too - Dilyan’s suggested approach is one way, another approach (which is what we do if memory serves) is to use the JS tracker’s callback methods to grab the domain userid (and maybe session id also - not sure what we do here), and send that through pardot & salesforce (I think there’s some configuring to do in those platforms too).

Then, when the SF/Pardot data is synced to the DB, at datamodeling stage it can be used to link Snowplow’s behavioural data to the conversion to inbound lead. It might take a little bit of SQL magic but it can be quite powerful!

Hope that helps.


Awesome, thanks guys for the info. I’ll give it a shot when I get enough time to play!