Any experiences linking Snowplow user to a CRM user?

Hi All,
Just wondering if anybody has

1: “ID Synched” the a CRM key (say on login) to Snowplow user id?
2: Also is there a way to ID-Sync via redirect with other cookie based platforms a.k.a DSP?


Hi @sachinsingh10,

We soon will be releasing SQL Enrichment which will let you perform dimension widening on a Snowplow events via a SQL query against a JDBC-capable relational database.

I imagine you could utilize the enrichment to get the additional user info from some CRMs.


@sachinsingh10 - we do it for one of our clients but we don’t use the ID to link up to CRM data. We only use it for cross-device tracking.

  1. To add a CRM ID to Snowplow data with the JS tracker, simply follow these steps:

Unfortunately I can’t help you with your second question. Haven’t tried anything like that.

Also bear in mind you may like to capture the CRM data on event collection to see a representation of that user at the time the event took place. See a classic post by @alex on entity snapshotting:

@ihor thank always a fount of knowledge.


Thanks a million mate, those pointers were very useful.


Hello -
Did you ever find a solution to Part 2 of your question?
Thanks! - M

I worked with some DSP’s in the past and depending on their capabilities and your relations with them different ways to do this, the simplest solution we did was to include a variable (snowplow cookie ID) in their collector and then we got that back in daily log files (our use cases was not real time driven) enriched with their data. However this requires of course that you have a good relation and a jointly driven use case. (And covers all privacy and security etc ;))