LaunchDarkly Tag for GTM-SS v0.3.0

We are pleased to announce the release of LaunchDarkly Tag for GTM-SS v0.3.0!

This release makes the required changes to adapt to latest version of the LaunchDarkly metric import API. One of those changes is a new Authorization section in the tag configuration, while the Authentication section has changed as well: instead of the client-side ID, now you need to provide both the project key and the environment key for the LaunchDarkly environment your metric events pertain to.

In addition this release also adds the option to specify context keys other than user to serve as randomization units for your experiments.


New features

Allow additional context keys (#8)
Adapt to latest changes in LaunchDarkly API (#6)

Under the hood

Make function descriptions consistent with JSDoc (#7)


To upgrade to the latest version of the LaunchDarkly tag, you first need to ensure that the server Docker image of your GTM-SS container must be 2.0.0 or later. Then you can follow the same steps to install the latest template.