JSON in Custom Context

Hey All,
Looking to implement Snowplow Analytics for a client but have a use-case that i don’t currently have a optimal solution for.

The client I am working with has a number of data partners, one of the partners capture events on the website and creates profiles then then are being served via a API for contextulasation / personelasation

The events they capture on the site is sent to the partner as a JSON string that is customisable per event and contains their consumer ID, event name, event id and data related to that event.

I am now investigating best way to integrate with this 3rd party and get the same data in to snowplow, current thinking is to capture this as a custom context and have them trigger a event to Snowplow installation as well, however as I will not now the iglu schema for the JSON i am unsure if i can capture this unless iglu can contain a json as well, any thoughts, insight, links or experiences around this would be great.

Many thanks

we also have some fields where we have JSON inside a custom context. It really depends on the use-case and you should be aware of the limitations of querying and performance for such fields, but this also depends on your DBMS.