Iterable Tag for GTM-SS v0.3.0

We are pleased to announce the release of Iterable Tag for GTM-SS v0.3.0!

This release fixes a bug in the priority comparison in Identity settings, which was alphabetic instead of numeric. This change affects you only if you use the non-default settings for Identifiers and only if your priority numbers compare differently in alphabetical Vs numeric comparison.


New features

Fix priority comparison (#13)

Under the hood

Add GitHub Actions (#14)


The Iterable GTM Server-side Tag is published in the GTM Gallery, and the option to update should become automatically available in your GTM SS instance.
As mentioned above this release includes a potentially breaking change for some users, who use the non default Identifier settings in the tag configuration. In that case you need to ensure that the Priority column in these specific Identity settings follows numeric comparison, since higher numeric values mean higher priority.