iOS Compiler Issues Xcode 13.4.1 - Snowplow Tracker 4.0.1

When compiling with Xcode 13.4.1 we get the following compiler warning (see below)

…/Pods/SnowplowTracker/Snowplow/Internal/Emitter/SPEmitterControllerImpl.m:28:17: Auto property synthesis will not synthesize property ‘customRetryForStatusCodes’ declared in protocol ‘SPEmitterConfigurationProtocol’

In the above implementation file you are synthesizing a number of protocol properties e.g (see below) but have omitted ‘customRetryForStatusCodes’

@synthesize bufferOption;
@synthesize byteLimitGet;
@synthesize byteLimitPost;
@synthesize emitRange;
@synthesize threadPoolSize;

Hi @mj2025, thank you for reporting the problem! I have created a Github issue for this and will work on resolving the warning in the next release of the tracker.