ObjectiveC Tracker podspec FMDB dependency

Hello guys,

First of all, I came here to ask instead of creating an issue in GitHub as this doesn’t fit in any of the templates (nor Bug or Feature) suggested there.

We are developing our own iOS SDK and we use Snowplow to track analytics events.
Since we updated to Xcode 12.x we started having problems to publish our SDK to Cocoapods (pod trunk).

We use Cocoapods to manage our SDK external dependencies, as Snowplow.
The problem is that Snowplow uses FMDB as dependency and this last one has iOS 8.0 set as ios.deployment_target that is not supported by Xcode 12 anymore.
Snowplow has it’s deployment target bumped to iOS 9.0 but the FMDB dependency doesn’t.

Maybe there is a newer FMDB version that should be defined in the Snowplow podspec instead of s.dependency 'FMDB', '~> 2.6' ?


Thanks @esteban.vallejo for reporting this.
Your point is correct, I think we can bump the version of FMDB up with the next release as it shouldn’t introduce any breaking change. Meanwhile, you should be able to publish your library skipping the warnings with the param --allow-warnings. Not ideal but it can be a short term solution until we bump FMDB to 2.7.

I’ll keep you updated when ready.

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Great! Thanks @Alex_Benini , I’ll try it in the meantime.