Snowplow Swift support

I was wondering if there was any plans for Swift support on the horizon. It appears that the helpers are available when using the framework directly vs. cocoapod installation but unfortunately, there is no documentation to guide on using snowplow in a swift project. Is it possible at this time? If so, could some guidance be provided on setting this up? Thanks.

Hi @mikeh0rn - the iOS SDK should be callable from Swift. What’s the precise error you are seeing?

@alex thanks for responding. The issue is just that really, not seeing an error but not seeing anything in the dashboard either to show any tracking is happening. Trying the bare minimum on load of one of my view controllers. here’s an example and maybe you can point me in the right direction:

    let emitter = SPEmitter()
    let tracker = SPTracker()


Hi @mikeh0rn - we’ve added a ticket into our current Snowplow iOS Tracker release to port the demo app to Swift:

Hopefully that will help us get to the bottom of your issues.

Thank you!

Hi @alex - any update on this one?