Introducing Snowplow Micro: Now you can validate your tracker setup as part of your automated test suite

Jennifer was startled. The numbers did not make sense. Whilst transaction volumes and values looked stable over the last two weeks, the number of add-to-basket events recorded had declined dramatically six days ago. Jennifer quickly dove into the data to look at a transaction item level: for all the items that had been bought, could she identify corresponding add-to-basket events? After all, it was only possible to purchase an item that had previously been added to basket. The data told a different story: she identified a high proportion of sessions where items had been bought where no preceding add to basket event had been recorded. A further look back at the user level rather than session level data confirmed that these users had not purchased items that had been added to basket (and saved) on previous sessions either. The add to basket events were missing. Jennifer’s job was now to identify:

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