Snowplow E-commerce v0.5.0 - support for (upcoming) mobile events!

We’re glad to announce the release of snowplow-ecommerce v0.5.0! This version adds support for the upcoming tracking of e-commerce events from our mobile trackers, so that once that is released you can begin modelling right away. We also fix a bug related to multiple instances of the same product in your product entity - this does however mean you will need to do a full refresh when upgrading as we had to change the unique key generation.


This version adds the ability to model mobile e-commerce events alongside your web events. Note that the domain_sessionid and page_view_id fields prioritize the client session and screen view contexts respectively and are overwritten with those values even if they exist for the mobile event. This means no change to your derived tables. To enable this (assuming you are tracking e-commerce events on mobile and have those contexts in your events table), set snowplow__enable_mobile_events to true in your dbt_project.yml

We have also made a change to some id generation logic to fix a bug, which will require a full refresh to align your data.

:rotating_light: Breaking Changes :rotating_light:

Due to a change in how we generate the product_event_id to allow for duplicate products in a product context, you will need to do a full-refresh of your derived tables to ensure old records have their key correctly updated. Without this, any records that get re-processed would end up as extra rows in the product/transaction table rather than overwriting their old versions.


  • Support simultaneously modeling mobile e-commerce events


  • Allow duplicate products in product context


Bump the snowplow-ecommerce version in your packages.yml file, and run a full refresh of your data.