Snowplow E-commerce dbt package 0.7.0 released!

We are happy to announce the release of snowplow-ecommerce v0.7.0! This will be on the dbt hub within the next few hours.


This release provides a solution for when multiple events are sent for a single transaction.

From this release onwards, the package is being released under the Snowplow Personal and Academic License . If you are uncertain how it applies to your use case, check our answers to frequently asked questions.

Breaking Changes

  • This package is now under the SPAL License


  • In the case of multiple transaction events being sent these are now deduplicated to take the first for that transaction_id within a session.


To upgrade bump the snowplow-ecommerce version in your packages.yml file. If you have run the package with multiple events for a single transaction, you made need to do a full refresh.