Snowplow not tracking a part of the order baskets


we have an issue with Snowplow on one of our shops regarding the orders. A matching with the orders found in Analytics and our databank shows persistently that about half of the orders are not being sent by Snowplow into our dedicated tool.

We have been discussing this many times with our IT, they can’t find the core issue. The order tracking tag gets fired on the confirmation page with Ajax Events. There seem to be no issue with the loading time of this page. There are no javascript issues with the tag.

I have also tried to segment the problem according to type of products, browsers, categories. Nothing out of the ordinary popped up.

Did anyone here already have a similar experience? In which direction should be look?

Any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:



@Pauline Can you share the the raw event data that you’re passing to the collector or even the base64 encoded context? Are you using GTM? Are the events ending up in your bad rows folder?

You might want to check out other threads too. e.g. Snowplow not tracking "add to basket" events


we are using GTM. The data is then passed to Snowplow and matched with the orders saved within our databank.
Our current assumption is that most of the not tracked baskets are generated by orders made within our software, which has a bug and cannot be tracked with GTM atm. The question is now whether we have more than that. I do not have the possibility of checking how many orders the software really generates.

I am not sure which raw data to post. Do you mean an example of an order taken directly out of the datalayer? Or how the tag is implemented into our GTM?