Introducing Snowplow BDP, the new name for Snowplow Insights

We have consistently received great feedback on our product’s performance over the years, but also heard that its name understates the true value of Snowplow’s commercial product and its capabilities. So, after careful consideration, we have chosen to rename our commercial product to Snowplow BDP, The Behavioral Data Platform.

At Snowplow, our belief is that Behavioral Data is the most valuable data asset you have in driving true competitive advantage. Being able to understand, in granular detail, the relationships and interactions your customers have with your brand touchpoints provides unparalleled insights and understanding to continuously deliver value. And that is why Snowplow BDP, is a more fitting name as it more accurately describes the functionality and ambition of our commercial product.

We built the Snowplow Behavioral Data Platform (BDP), which has our open source behavioral data engine at its heart, to enable companies to deliver a wide range of new behavioral data use cases - collaboratively, securely and at speed. This allows you to spend less time wrangling the data and more time generating great value from it.

To learn more about Snowplow BDP please read our blog article