Introducing Ski-Goggles


I wanted to introduce an open-source Chrome extension that I had written a few months ago to analyse tracking calls (Currently supports a few vendors - with Snowplow being a star vendor).

The source code is here:

It has extra features like snapshot comparison etc which are brand new and might need some UX improvements.

Hope you find it useful - I’d love to get some feedback.

(And yes, the name is a nod to the excellent Snowplow project itself)


Nice work! I will give it a try. What I noticed is that it says ‘Unknown Event’ for a page ping from Snowplow. Maybe that is something you can look into?

Thanks for your feedback @marien.
I added support for reporting Page Pings correctly. Should be out in the next hour or so.


Very cool @premjg - thanks for sharing! Moving this thread into the New releases section :slight_smile: