How to track from dart/flutter


At our company we are building a mobile app in flutter and we want to track events, but I could not find a dart SDK My question is:

Which is the best way to be able to track flutter events?

We considered a http request directly to our collector, or to one of our services and then this one would track, and also we are considering using a native module.

Do you recommend any of those? Or something else?


There’s nothing natively in Dart but I suspect the most maintainable option would be to write a plugin package that uses the native Java and Objective-C code underneath for Android and iOS respectively with a thin Dart API wrapper on top. You would need to write the Dart API layer but the advantage of this would mean that it’s reasonably easy to upgrade the corresponding Android / iOS trackers without having to rewrite any core tracker logic.

Are there any plans for direct Flutter support? Since I’ve never worked with iOS or Android code myself, but love the Flutter framework and can build awesome apps with it, it would be very interesting to have Snowplow support.

Just wanted to flag for anyone looking for a Snowplow tracker for Flutter that we have recently released a new tracker with support for Android, iOS and Web. It is published as snowplow_tracker on snowplow_tracker | Flutter Package