How to get the search page number?

Hi folks,
I looked into all the mkt_* and refr_* columns but did not see any columns could tell us that what the page number is in the search engine results.

The only thing I found was the source: refr_source and search term: refr_term

Thank you

@kuangmichael07, if you imply search within your own web application search page then you need to utilize trackSiteSearch method of the tracker. This will allow you to capture the page number.

The fields mkt_* and populated by means of Campaign attribution enrichment and depends on the mapping you configure the enrichment with linking “mkt” fields to the querysting key/value pair.

The refr_* are populated by values resulted from the parsing “Referer” header by means of Referer parser enrichment.

Those 2 are described and explained in Web traffic driven campaign tracking with Snowplow [tutorial]. None of them is meant to capture the page of the search result for you. You need to do some workaround if you know where the page number is expected to be (presumably somewhere within querystring?).

Hi @ihor ,
Thank you for the reply. I am aware of the site search tag but what I want to do is to log the external search engine page number, say google. I want to know my website’s ranking in google search results for different search terms. Everyone would want to be in the first result page, you know.

Is there any tools or method that can provide the functionality to log the page number yet?
thanks again

@kuangmichael07, there is no Snowplow tracker on Google pages. Therefore, there is no way for us to know on what page the user clicked on to reach your web page. That info is not part of the referer either. Therefore, we have no visibility of the search page. If you think that there is then I would like to see that.

It sounds like you might be after something like Search Console which will give you most of the information you are after.

Google Search generally doesn’t send this information (like page number or term) through to the destination website with the exception of if it’s paid advertising - in which case you can use the Google Adwords API to pull some of this information out.

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