Tracking marketing campaigns


We are users of the javascript tracker and we are trying to track datas relative to marketing campaigns.

As seen in this link Understanding the structure of Snowplow data - Snowplow Docs , there are some individual fields as Marketing / traffic source fields dedicated to those datas :

  • mkt_medium
  • mkt_source
  • mkt_term
  • mkt_content
  • mkt_campaign

We would like to track those datas and log them in our own DB.

Is it possible to use this schema as a custom context in a pageview event ?

When we try, we see in the snowplow debugger that the context property Data validity is Not Valid.

What are the requirements in order to track and get those datas/fields ?

Do we need a special account, snowplow service/solution, or can we achieve this ourselves ?


So those fields are populated via the Campaign Attribution Enrichment, which parses utm parameters according to what you configure (or just the standard defaults if you don’t specify).

The reason you’re getting errors in using that schema specifically because it’s the schema for the configuration, rather than the event itself.

If you need to attach this data separately as a context it is possible to do so using a custom context and schema you define yourself - however I’m guessing that the standard way of capturing this data via utm parameters is what you’re really after. :slight_smile: